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The idea behind Waza was originally meant to be an internal social networking tool for finding colleagues who had certain skills that could potentially help each other in their day to day work.

Since the idea was one that was hard to tell, the CTO at the time pivoted the project to become a project member sourcing tool for large projects.


The problem with big projects that consisted of hundreds of different required project managers from different teams to meet multiple times to arrange resource allocation. This was not only difficult to do in person but also time consuming for all the project managers.

A request must be made to the project manager in charge for a specific field. For example, if you needed an engineer for 3 months with html, css and javascript skills you would need to send a request to the project manager managing all the engineers. They would then need to find a few people that matched your needs, their cost and availability, then send it back to the person requesting it. That person would then check the list and request to have interview with the engineer that they think are suitable. As you can imagine, it’s a long an tedious process.


Waza is the fastest way to source members for your team. Project managers would simply search for the people they needed with their requirements and all communication except for the interviews would happen within Waza and waza alone.

waza overview

Sourcing Project Members

Project managers can search for the members that they need by entering a role, required skills and optional skills. Waza will then use it’s algorithm to find the best suited members based on the requirements.

Project managers can find out more details about the members such as endorsements, availability and cost per month by looking at the members profile.

job requirements search results user profile

The Website

Rather than showing a bunch of screenshots on a website, we decided to take a different approach by telling a story of how complex sourcing projects were and that Waza was the solution that can simplify this problem.

waza website

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