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Our team AIR at En-Japan had a new initiative where employees can propose new project ideas related to the HR industry and the managerswould choose the best idea to develop into a product, and with some luck my idea was the one that got chosen!


We were looking to hire a Front End engineer for the team, but a large number of candidates who applied were just not suitable for the position.

We interviewed almost 20 + candidates and for most candidates, I knew within the first 5 - 10 minutes of the interview that this person would not be a good cultural fit in our company. Since it was a face to face interview, we had to complete and stay for the entire 1 hour interview even though I knew we would probably not hire this person for certain reasons.

This was not only frustrating but a huge waste of time for everyone involved in the hiring process and also for the candidate.


My idea was to allow companies to ask up to 3 questions where candidates would need to answer them in 1 minute video recordings that they would submit. If companies were happy with the candidates answers, they could then have their first initial face to face interview.

This would be a huge improvement to screening candidates only based on their resume, giving companies quality information before even committing to a face to face interview. For both parties it would save a lot of time, effort and money.

video interview overview

Design Sprint

Before we began developing the app, we ran a DESIGN SPRINT from Google which is a “five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers”.

From the test results we were able to to conclude that there’s a real need and problem to be solved for our target users who were working in customer and front facing work. They consisted of retail, fashion, sales and recruitment.

To protect the privacy of the people involved in the design sprint I had to blur out the faces!

User Journey

During our planning and brain storming phase, we created user journey maps of our target users and their candidates. We identified what the user’s actions could be, questions for each step, happy moments, pain points and opportunites.

design sprint user journey map

Recruiters & Hiring Managers

We designed a simple user interface which only did 2 things and 2 things only. The first was to allow recruiters and hiring managers to create an interview which they could share a link for candidates to submit their video application. The second was to allow them to review the video responses from candidates who had applied for the job.

recruiters - create interview recruiters - review recruiters - candidate list


Video interviewing is a new concept and we didn’t want candidates to have any blockers to taking the interview so we developed both mobile & desktop versions to make it as assessible as possible.

From our research we also found that a lot of people between the ages of 20 - 30 did not own a personal computer which meant that the mobile solution would be their most preferred method.


We wanted candidates to feel as comfortable as possible by using the onboarding screens to help remind, educate and to be themselves.

recruiters - create interview

The Interview

We made the interface as simple as possible at each step of the interview process to not create clutter and that candidates have to spend too much thinking about what they need to do.

recruiters - create interview

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