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Vibe was one of the very first projects we started from the project proposal initative here at En-Japan. Everyone in the team could submit their project proposal idea and the best or most interesting one would be chosen to build upon.


The problem Vibe was trying to solve was for managers to understand their team better whether they were frustrated, happy or feeling disappointed about a specific topic at work.

This would provide information to managers and help them understand what was going well and what was not and in turn to be able to take some action. This could have been a form of reward or maybe just a quick chat.


We targetted users and companies using Slack because it’s one of the fastest growing chat platforms today. Users simply connect to Vibe with their Slack login and VIbe would analyze their messages using Natural Language Process (NLP) to output a set of emotions and most important topics currently being discussed.

The managers would then be able to see what was being talked about, how their team felt about it and who contributed the most to the topic.

vibe overview

Slack Channels

With Slack, there are so many channels that a team may have and to analyze everything all in one go would be too overwhelming for user, therefore we let them choose up to 3 channels.

vibe slack channels

Overall Team Vibe

For any Slack channel, the app displays the overall vibe of the team over a period of time (day, week, month), their emotional state, their current mood and the most important topic.

In the example below, throughout the week the vibe was fairly positive until towards the end of the week. This was due to the fact that the team had to move rooms which had a negative impact.

vibe dashboard


From the dashboard, if the team manager wants to find out more detail about a specific topic that’s being discussed they can.

Since “Moving Room” was a topic that had a negative effect on the team, the manager would probably wan’t to find out why and how the team was feeling about it. They could then decide on the best course of action to take when they are discussing it with the team.

vibe insights

The Website

My concept of the website was to show the features and explain clearly how the team can use the app to see their Vibe since this is a new concept of boosting morale!

vibe insights

Other Work