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For the longest time I’ve always wanted to live by the beach so I thought to myself, “what’s something that I could do all year round that requires me being in the ocean?”

I love to snorkel but I can't do that all the year round and the ocean around Tokyo is not suitable for that kind of activity either, so in June 2015 I decided to start surfing every week! Back in my younger days when I was living in Melbourne, I’ve surfed a couple of times when I went on school camps but not on a constant basis.


I was quite new to the whole surfing scene and because I didn’t live by the ocean so I didn’t know where the good surf spots were or what the surf conditions were like. 

There are a lot of apps out there that predict surf conditions based on data collected from buoys but unless you have a lot of experience surfing in one location in all kinds of conditions, there was no way to know whether the conditions were going to be either really bad with no waves at all or awesome conditions with 5 ft waves that were just out of my league.


The solution I came up with is a social app for surfers to share information about surf conditions at specific locations with a rating and a photo. They would also be able to follow other surfers so they can see their posts when ever they share information. They will also be able to check daily and weekly weather forecasts of those locations. The app will also allow them to log and track their surf progress.

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Surfers are engaged with on boarding tips about the features that the app offers during the login and sign up screens.

onboarding intro accurate reports for your favorite surf spots log sessions and keep track of your progress connect and share with the surf community

Favorite Location

Favorite locations can be saved so they are easily accessible from the main screen. Users also have the ability to look at surf forecasts based on buoy data for the entire week. They can also see if other surfers have shared any currrent information about the location.

favorite location overview favorite location today favorite location forecast favorite location posts

Log Sessions or Share Information

For the average surfer, they will always check the conditions before commiting to surf at a specific location. Once they have checked the location they can share that information with their fellow community.

After surfing, they can also log their session to keep track of their progress.

log session menu log session location log session review


After logging surf sessions, the user will be able to see their progress which is calculated automatically by the data collected. 

Surfers have the ability to follow other surfers which will appear in their feed. Could be their surfers that regularly go to the same spot.

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