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Design Sprint


At Paidy, we wanted to focus on the next big project that we had in the pipe and before any requirements or decisions were to be made we needed to do research.

This was the perfect time to suggest doing the Google Design Sprint. This was the first Google design sprint for the company and having done the design sprint before at my previous company, I volunteered to be the facilitator and organizer for the sprint.


The design sprint book recommends that only 7 people participated but our sprint consisted of 13 people from various departments including the Founder, CEO, Product, Engineering, Design, Risk, Marketing and Sales. Making sure that everyone was free during these 5 days took a lot of negotiating and planning.

Also having more people meant that the allocated time for each of the activities needed to be recalculated and the schedule would need to change to accommodate for everyone.

Another problem we were facing was the goal for the project was not decided. Without having a big goal to test meant that the project could be swayed into many different ways. Facing this issue, I contacted Jake Knapp and John Zeratsy who were 2 of 3 Authors of the Google Ventures Design Sprint book for some help and advice. 

How ever the biggest problem we were facing was that some members in the design sprint felt that we should use a proper testing agency to conduct the tests which meant that our day 4 and day 5 would be over 2 - 3 weeks long.

Paidy Design Sprint Overview

Day 01

Setting a Long Term Goal

Paidy Design Sprint Long Term Goals

Defining Sprint Questions

Paidy Design Sprint Questions

How Might We’s

Paidy Design Sprint How Might We

Creating a Map

Paidy Design Sprint Map

Day 02

Lightning Demos

Paidy Design Sprint Lightning Demos

Divide And Conquer

Paidy Design Sprint Divide And Conquer

Crazy 8’s

Paidy Design Sprint Crazy 8’s

Solution Sketch

Paidy Design Sprint Solution Sketch

Day 03

Art Museum

Paidy Design Sprint Art Museum

Speed Critique

Paidy Design Sprint Speed Critique

Straw Poll

Paidy Design Sprint Straw Poll

User Flow

Paidy Design Sprint User Flow


Paidy Design Sprint Storyboard


Paidy Design Sprint Retro

Day 04

Given that we decided to use an agency for the testing, we had about a week to create our prototype. As a minimum requirement we created an invision clickable prototype as a back up but at the same time we utilized our iOS developer skills to create a real working prototype on an iPhone to simulate our idea.

Paidy Design Sprint Prototype

Day 05

Live Testing

Paidy Design Sprint Live Testing

Live Testing

Paidy Design Sprint Live Testing

Live Testing

Paidy Design Sprint Live Testing

Live Testing

Paidy Design Sprint Live Testing

Other Work