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Food Love Find is a personal project that I started by myself because I finding new restaurants to dine at. Apart from that, I also wanted to improve my skills and experience in designing new services or apps and what better way to do that then to create my own service!

The idea behind Food Love Find is an app that lets you find the most suitable restaurant for your occassion without having to spend too much time searching.


I’ve been living in Japan for quite some time now and even now there are just too many restaurants to try. How could I know which restaurants were the best ones to try? It’s almost impossible to know exactly which one is the most suitable for the occassion unless you’ve been there at least once or your friends recommend it.

Most users have a preference when searching for a restaurant but the order is usually different depending on the type of ocassion. Quality of food or service? What’s the ambience or mood like? Is it expensive or cheap? Is it suitable for a date or a family night out?


With Food Love Find, users just choose their occassion and the app will do the rest. Instead of showing you 100 restaurants in that area, it will show you the top 5 - 10 of most recommended restaurants either by friends or friends of friends.

The app will remember your preference of restaurants and sometimes even will suggest you something new to try.

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Research & Planning

Before I started prototyping, I created a lean canvas for project planning, did some competitor research and then sent out a 10 question survey to 100 people between the ages of 25 - 50. The 3 main segment groups were single, people in a relationship and or people who had their own family.

From the results of the survey, I found that my main target users would most likely be people who were single or those in a relationship because they were most likely the ones to try new restaurants and they often go out with one other person at least once a week.

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Generating the BUZZ

From what I’ve learned, you should never start sketching, designing or developing anything before finding out if anyone is interested in your product.

There are a number of ways to do this, either through a simple one page website or using social media. Since this project was about food and finding good restaurants I went with the second option and created an instagram account. My good friend in Melbourne and my cousin in Malaysia both helped posted delicious photos on the account to generate some followers.

food love find instagram


To make Food Love Find interesting, I wanted to gamify the service where users can collect items from different places that they go to and become the top foodie amongst their friends.

Therefore I went with a more iconic and flat styled logo design which is meant to symbolize Food, Love and Find. I designed a different character for each of the three of us that we could use.

food love find instagram


I started the low-fi prototype as a web app first even though my main goal is iOS because development would be the fastest on a responsive web version.

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