t-shirts, stickers, business cards



To promote corabbit and get the word out about the service, our strategy was to attend events ourselves. In order to do this we needed to find suitable tech events and contact the organisers to be able to get a spot to present or to pay for a presentation booth.


Since we’re just a start up, we had no business cards or any kind of swag to give away as promotional and marketing material which was probably not a good idea.


We used a number of online services and third party printing companies to help with making the swag. The design how ever had to be created by myself which was then handed off either to a printing company or an online service.

corabbit swag overview

Business Cards

The most important marketing material was our business card. It had to leave an impression on the people that we meet and network with. Since the logo of corabbit is a rabbit logo, what better way to get the image stuck into their heads then to use the rabbit itself.

You’re probably wondering why does my rabbit have a snorkel and a buoy around him. That’s because I wanted to create personalized business cards which also introduced each of the team members and 3 things that they liked.

business card design business card


Promotion was an important task for the team and since we were going to a lot of events to showcase the service, we’d thought it was a great idea to make some t-shirts that we could all wear and even give away.

There were quite a few ideas that were being thrown around the table but we went with the simplest one to keep the branding in line with all our other swag.


Other Work