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Before I joined En-Japan, the team was originally known as the innovation lab. Through some changes the our vision and structure of our team, we’ve decided to rename ourselves as AIR as we were mainly focused on using advanced tech and AI for our products.


Although we were just a division or team within the company there was no way to promote the products that we were building and ourselves to the rest of the company and potential clients.


We decided that in order to showcase our portfolio and our vision for what we want to achieve and what we believe in, we need to build a website.

video interview overview

Original Photos

As this was our team’s website, we wanted all the resources to be original therefore we went around the streets near our office in Shinjuku and took all the photos from our iPhone.

air images

One Page Scroller Effect

With Slack, there are so many channels that a team may have and to analyze everything all in one go would be too overwhelming for user, therefore we let them choose up to 3 channels.

air website

Other Work